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Is Stainless Steel Losing Ground in the Kitchen?

After decades of exemplifying beauty and sophistication in kitchens, is stainless steel beginning an exit from culinary living spaces? Well, it’s probably not; at least not yet and not any time soon. However, from kitchen sinks to home appliances, it does seem that stainless steel maybe making its way out of a few kitchens as new beautiful alternatives come to market. And with a significant push to transform the kitchen from workspace to living space, these trend setting options might quickly start chipping away at the demand for stainless steel, and ultimately, its global market share.

Kitchen remodeling, as with any renovation project, has always been based on aesthetics, functionality and durability. It is why for decades stainless steel has dominated the kitchen. Aside from its good looks, it has been revered for its strength and ability to not readily rust or stain, although it has been known to if not cared for properly or manufactured using poor quality materials. But in a new, fast paced, ever changing world driven by emerging trends, it seems inevitable that stainless steel will soon lose its dominance to fresh, next generation alternatives. A similar transition seems to be in the works between granite and quartz countertops. So what alternatives are showing up in the world of home remodeling?

Over the past several years, stainless steel has remained unchallenged in the kitchen appliances arena, but it seems that this undisputed champ is now facing several new up-an-coming contenders. As kitchen cabinets move to a new era of sleek and modern designs, some appliance manufacturers are testing the waters with bold looks and new finishes. General Electric, for example, has recently launched its new line of slate appliances, offering a subtle, gray metallic look that blends perfectly with a variety of cabinetry options, from chic bamboo to the ultra modern Italian styles.

Whirlpool has also introduced its Ice Collection, which includes its high shine Black Ice and White Ice appliances that is sure to grab the attention of iPhone users worldwide.

Stainless steel is also facing a new challenger in the area of kitchen sinks. Recently, integrated sinks, such as Silestone’s Integrity sink is made from a single, matching piece of quartz. This sink allows for a seamless integration of sink and countertop and allowing for a sleek and uniform appearance. The quartz countertop and the sinks are not only beautiful, but scratch resistant, easy to clean and more importantly nonporous, offering consumers a safer product in an area known for its raw food bacteria.

As we spend more and more time in this foundation of the American home, it will be exciting to see what lies ahead for this transitional phase to the modern day kitchen. With all these trend setting products just coming to market, we still have yet to see if they will stand the test of time. And it is probably safe to say that we could probably expect stainless steel to remain a first choice for most homeowners for many years to come.

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New Customer Project

Another Happy Customer

“Idis, thank you so much for helping us design our dream kitchen. My family and I are delighted with the results and are enjoying our new kitchen. Carlos was a great person and he really accommodated to our requests. I am attaching the pictures of the kitchen so that you can see the transformation. Please send my regards to your husband and to your son. We are very happy and grateful for your services.


Raul and family”

We would love to thank our friends Raul and his family for their kind words, and congratulate them on their new kitchen. It was truly a pleasure working with them on this remodeling project and the team at Superior is truly lucky to have customers like them. We replaced their existing cabinets with our Oreo Mahogany Shaker Cabinets, and we top it off with Silestone’s ECO friendly Polar Cap Quartz Countertop. To add a little more beauty we added the a mosaic tile back splash to complement both the dark, rich color of the cabinets, and the subtle beauty of the Polar Cap countertop.

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Measurements 101: How to Measure Your Kitchen Cabinets Video Released

We’d love to invite our followers to check out our first YouTube video on how to measure your kitchen. Please let us know what you think.

This video is designed to give our customers step-by-step instructions on how to properly measure your kitchen, especially prior to speaking to any renovation expert or kitchen cabinet company. We receive several phone calls a day from potential customers looking for a pretty accurate estimate over the phone. Some competitors have initiated dubious marketing strategies, known as the 10’ X 10’ kitchen offers, with the 10’ X 10’ often referred to as a “typical” kitchen. What sometimes isn’t clearly spelled out is that the 10’ X 10’ is based on specific cabinets in predetermined sizes, and on a layout that is all but typical. Any changes that have to be made will probably come at cost. Always look for a friendly, small print disclaimer somewhere around the advertisement.

Anyways, our video will give anyone the ability to receive an estimate over the phone or via email, without the need of having unfamiliar contractors coming into your home. If it is done correctly, these measurements should provide a home remodeling professional or company with the numbers needed to provide you with a preliminary estimate. Once you narrow your selection down, you can invite them back to your home to do the measurements professionally.

Hopefully you will enjoy the video, and PLEASE don’t forget to help us out by clicking the “LIKE” button on the YouTube!

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Kitchen Remodeling Wars: Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets Vs The Brand Names

RTA, or Ready-to-Assemble cabinetry, is rapidly growing in popularity as a  significantly lower cost and higher quality alternative to many, if not most, of  the made-to-order option that you find from your local custom cabinet  manufacturers or big box home improvement stores. While a custom made kitchen  can run anywhere from $10,000 to upwards of $50,000.00 or more, RTA cabinets can  help you save a significant amount on the kitchen cabinetry itself, and possibly  cutting a $20,000 budget by nearly half. And unlike most times where “you get  what you pay for,” often with RTA cabinets, the quality of the materials used  and the construction could be significantly better than mainstream brands. So if  you’re thinking about a renovating or holding off on that new kitchen, here is  my side-by-side comparison between RTA and the brand names.
Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to materials and construction, RTA cabinets score a big win  among the leading brand names. While you can expect solid wood doors in both  categories, the major difference comes when looking at the rest of the  construction. For one, most, if not all RTA cabinets come equipped with plywood  boxes, usually ¾ inch thick, where as much of made-to-order cabinetry found in  the major retailers or local manufacturers use some variation of compressed  wood, such as particle board. And although a salesman at the home improvement  store may talk to you about a ¾ inch wood framed cabinet, they are generally  speaking exclusively about the front face of the cabinet where the door is  attached to. Usually they are excluding the sides and back of the box.  Furthermore, traditional or made-to-order cabinets are also known for using  particle board in their drawers, where as RTA usually use wood connected by  dovetail joints to ensure long lasting durability for years to come.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between wood or plywood  construction versus particle board is? Then place a piece of particle board in a  cup of water for a day or two, and you’ll see what we are talking about.  Particle board is extremely susceptible to moisture and can warp and expand  overtime when significant moisture is present, particularly around dishwashers  and sink or in moist environments where humidity is high; even mopping can  sometimes present a problem to particle board. RTA cabinets also significantly  differ in the way the cabinetry is put together because of the strength of the  plywood. Particle board cabinets usually are assembled using a variety of  methods, from staples to wooden dowels and glue on the higher end cabinets,  whereas RTA cabinets usually use a sturdy cam lock system that ensures your  cabinets won’t pull apart down the road.

In terms of cabinet door styles, choices do seem to favor the made-to-order  or custom option. One con in the pros’ and cons’ of RTA, is that the cabinets  are prefabricated, meaning they are manufactured and mass produced in one set  color, door style, and in specific sizes that usually come in increments of 3  inches. However, RTA cabinetry comes in many styles, colors and finishes and  it’s almost for sure that there is one available that matches any given  individual’s taste and lifestyle. As for the set sizes, careful planning and  good measurements from a skilled professional carpenter of kitchen remodel  professional will ensure your kitchen looks as custom as the finest customs  kitchens out there. Bar none, pre fabricated means mass produced, which means  lower labor costs and turnaround times, which ultimately means less money  spent.

Turning dream kitchen and baths into affordable realities is what we are all  about. Superior Kitchens &  More a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of high quality  kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as the Klazz line of plumbing fixtures  and accessories. Located in South Florida, Superior operates a large design & manufacturing center that features a state-of-the-art showroom featuring  all of our all wood cabinetry lines, as well as our kitchen  and bath plumbing products. Here, we are staying ahead of our  competition by finding innovative ways to improve and lower production costs  without compromising the trusted quality we have come to be known by. Klazz is a  registered trademark of Superior Kitchens and More.

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