Superior Kitchens and More Launches New Online Pricing System

Miami based Superior Kitchens is proud to announce the launch of its new website and online dealer pricing system at Superior continues to pave the way as a leading distributor of residential kitchen and bath cabinetry and we are staying ahead of the curve and the competition through advanced technology solutions that are aimed improving overall client satisfaction for our growing list of dealers and distributors.

Our new online pricing system allows our dealer clients the ability to price out there projects through any mobile or PC device, permitting them to give their customers an immediate estimate without having to leave the project site. The new system also allows our clients the ability to see what products are available and in stock, by searching on color and door style. We believe this should give our customers a leading edge over their competitors by allowing them to provide accurate, on-site estimates to potential customers and increasing their chances of leaving with a signed contract in hand.

Superior is also pleased to announce that we have initiated an online marketing campaign to bring product awareness to more dealers across more states. We believe that through superior quality, competitive pricing and world class customer service, we will continue to emerge as a leading distributor of residential cabinetry solutions and home accessories.

Samuel Gonzalez, Director of Dealer Services, stated “We are pleased to hear that our clients are already enjoying our new online pricing system, and we believe our online marketing initiatives will not only continue to drive new business to our company, but allow new people to experience the Superior difference.”

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Measurements 101: How to Measure Your Kitchen Cabinets Video Released

We’d love to invite our followers to check out our first YouTube video on how to measure your kitchen. Please let us know what you think.

This video is designed to give our customers step-by-step instructions on how to properly measure your kitchen, especially prior to speaking to any renovation expert or kitchen cabinet company. We receive several phone calls a day from potential customers looking for a pretty accurate estimate over the phone. Some competitors have initiated dubious marketing strategies, known as the 10’ X 10’ kitchen offers, with the 10’ X 10’ often referred to as a “typical” kitchen. What sometimes isn’t clearly spelled out is that the 10’ X 10’ is based on specific cabinets in predetermined sizes, and on a layout that is all but typical. Any changes that have to be made will probably come at cost. Always look for a friendly, small print disclaimer somewhere around the advertisement.

Anyways, our video will give anyone the ability to receive an estimate over the phone or via email, without the need of having unfamiliar contractors coming into your home. If it is done correctly, these measurements should provide a home remodeling professional or company with the numbers needed to provide you with a preliminary estimate. Once you narrow your selection down, you can invite them back to your home to do the measurements professionally.

Hopefully you will enjoy the video, and PLEASE don’t forget to help us out by clicking the “LIKE” button on the YouTube!

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3 Big Ways Home Improvement Contractors Can Survive and Strive in Today’s Economy and Still Co-exist with Bargain Hunting Home Owners.

Home improvement professionals should not be confusing a struggling housing market with a lack of opportunity in today’s tough economy. To the contrary, home remodeling has actually been pushing forward the past few years, and is expected to continue the push well into the future. But it is definitely not the same market we knew 10 years ago, and the ability to adapt to the tsunami of change will directly impact the future success of any home remodeling business.

If you are a contractor in the residential home renovation business and you’ve been a little down on your luck, then you need to consider this. In March, the Commerce Department said new-home sales had fallen 1.6% in February 2012 to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 313,000 homes, representing a drop for the second straight month in a row. But at around the same time of the Department’s announcement, the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association stated that cabinet sales for February 2012 increased +5.7 percent compared to sales for February 2011. Why? It seems the reality of a depressed housing market, underwater mortgages and less spending capital has many homeowners looking at home renovation as an affordable option to selling and buying.

But it is a different world in 2012 and a strong buyers market is giving consumers the upper hand. Today’s cut throat home improvement industry has Americans looking for the best possible deal and contractors bidding against myriad estimates. And unfortunately, many of today’s talented home improvement professionals are doing business like it was the turn of the century and failing to adapt to their current environment. Operating Superior Kitchens and More, a wholesale kitchen cabinet business in Miami, I personally know how cut throat home improvement can get. Here are is some general tips based on what customers are saying in America’s toughest market of Miami.

Lowering your own operating costs is essential to compete and survive in today’s market. Homeowners are looking for rock bottom prices on the best quality they can find, and they are willing to see 10 individuals just like you to find what they are looking for. And the truth is so should you. In my business, the term “custom built kitchens” meant big profits in the times leading to the housing crisis. Many of my clients had specialized and flourished in cabinet door manufacturing and custom builds, and although profitable at the time, this kind of operation required significant time and costly overhead expenses. Today, many of those same clients are flocking to high quality Ready-to-Assemble or RTA cabinets, which not only saves them on cost, but a faster turnaround time on each kitchens means more time securing your next project.

It’s important to understand that today your average consumer is finding contractors one of 2 ways. Either offline through word-of-mouth or referrals from neighbors, family and friends, or online by throwing a quick question out on Facebook and checking Google reviews. Today, the internet has become a consumer’s best friend, and a good way to check a contractor’s reputation well in advance.

First thing to always keep in mind is that there is no business like referred business. Treat every single customer as you would your top customer, even if it means bending over backwards every once in a while. You will not believe how going that little extra mile to keep your customer happy can quickly turn into your next job or two. For homeowners, getting the right guy or girl for the job is 75% of the battle, and referred is always going to be preferred. There is never a shortage of home improvement nightmares caused by bad contractors, so even if you’re estimate came in a little higher than the next one, the piece of mind from a referral could be worth those few extra bucks.

Second, there is a reason why the internet was invented, so use it. If you are not leveraging the World Wide Web and the powerful tools it has to offer, then you might as well pack your bags and move to Antarctica, because no one is going to find you in this digital age. For the most part, you’re target market, is going to be “Googling” this and “Facebooking” that, a lot. Apply a little time to each day to your online efforts, because if not, you’re losing out on potential new customers, big time! More importantly, you can do a lot of good online advertising and marketing, like social networking, with little to no money.

Bottom line, a little research on emerging consumer demands and 21st century marketing strategies can go a long way.

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Kitchen Remodeling Wars: Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets Vs The Brand Names

RTA, or Ready-to-Assemble cabinetry, is rapidly growing in popularity as a  significantly lower cost and higher quality alternative to many, if not most, of  the made-to-order option that you find from your local custom cabinet  manufacturers or big box home improvement stores. While a custom made kitchen  can run anywhere from $10,000 to upwards of $50,000.00 or more, RTA cabinets can  help you save a significant amount on the kitchen cabinetry itself, and possibly  cutting a $20,000 budget by nearly half. And unlike most times where “you get  what you pay for,” often with RTA cabinets, the quality of the materials used  and the construction could be significantly better than mainstream brands. So if  you’re thinking about a renovating or holding off on that new kitchen, here is  my side-by-side comparison between RTA and the brand names.
Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to materials and construction, RTA cabinets score a big win  among the leading brand names. While you can expect solid wood doors in both  categories, the major difference comes when looking at the rest of the  construction. For one, most, if not all RTA cabinets come equipped with plywood  boxes, usually ¾ inch thick, where as much of made-to-order cabinetry found in  the major retailers or local manufacturers use some variation of compressed  wood, such as particle board. And although a salesman at the home improvement  store may talk to you about a ¾ inch wood framed cabinet, they are generally  speaking exclusively about the front face of the cabinet where the door is  attached to. Usually they are excluding the sides and back of the box.  Furthermore, traditional or made-to-order cabinets are also known for using  particle board in their drawers, where as RTA usually use wood connected by  dovetail joints to ensure long lasting durability for years to come.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between wood or plywood  construction versus particle board is? Then place a piece of particle board in a  cup of water for a day or two, and you’ll see what we are talking about.  Particle board is extremely susceptible to moisture and can warp and expand  overtime when significant moisture is present, particularly around dishwashers  and sink or in moist environments where humidity is high; even mopping can  sometimes present a problem to particle board. RTA cabinets also significantly  differ in the way the cabinetry is put together because of the strength of the  plywood. Particle board cabinets usually are assembled using a variety of  methods, from staples to wooden dowels and glue on the higher end cabinets,  whereas RTA cabinets usually use a sturdy cam lock system that ensures your  cabinets won’t pull apart down the road.

In terms of cabinet door styles, choices do seem to favor the made-to-order  or custom option. One con in the pros’ and cons’ of RTA, is that the cabinets  are prefabricated, meaning they are manufactured and mass produced in one set  color, door style, and in specific sizes that usually come in increments of 3  inches. However, RTA cabinetry comes in many styles, colors and finishes and  it’s almost for sure that there is one available that matches any given  individual’s taste and lifestyle. As for the set sizes, careful planning and  good measurements from a skilled professional carpenter of kitchen remodel  professional will ensure your kitchen looks as custom as the finest customs  kitchens out there. Bar none, pre fabricated means mass produced, which means  lower labor costs and turnaround times, which ultimately means less money  spent.

Turning dream kitchen and baths into affordable realities is what we are all  about. Superior Kitchens &  More a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of high quality  kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as the Klazz line of plumbing fixtures  and accessories. Located in South Florida, Superior operates a large design & manufacturing center that features a state-of-the-art showroom featuring  all of our all wood cabinetry lines, as well as our kitchen  and bath plumbing products. Here, we are staying ahead of our  competition by finding innovative ways to improve and lower production costs  without compromising the trusted quality we have come to be known by. Klazz is a  registered trademark of Superior Kitchens and More.

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Home Remodeling Is Still Big Business in a Shaky Economy

Driven by a continuous slide in home prices, consumers are reevaluating and  redesigning their living spaces for the long haul, and with more than 20% of  mortgages still underwater and foreclosures still plaguing many housing markets  across America, the “long haul” could be a while.

So what does this mean for general contractors and remodeling professionals?  According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home  Builders (NAHB), home renovation projects are up from a similar survey conducted  in 2010, with nearly 50% of the contractors surveyed seeing an increase in the  number of home owners who undertake remodels to avoid moving. Bath and kitchen  remodeling projects jumped 17% from two years ago, with bathroom taking the lead  as the most common job reported by remodelers, followed by kitchen remodels. In  addition, other popular remodeling categories included window and door  replacements (44%), whole house remodels (35%), room additions (33%) and  handyman services (31%).

And in February, the NAHB stated that the residential remodeling market will  continue to experience measured growth in 2012 after the Remodeling Market Index  (RMI) rose to a five year-high at the end of 2011. These numbers probably give a  good indication that Americans may be inclined to spend some money on sprucing  up their current homes while they ride out the sluggish housing market. And  while average folks are hunkering down, well funded investors are out in full  force, securing low priced deals on foreclosed properties to answer the demand  of a rising renter’s market.

From kitchen cabinets to bathroom vanities to flooring to appliances, it  seems that this remodeling trend is breathing new life into old homes. In 2010,  the remodeling industry saw Americans spend $116 billion on improvements to  owner-occupied units, and if the recent NAHB survey is any indication, the home  remodeling industry should see another banner year as consumers invest in  renovations and remodeling again. Finally, beyond an improvement in the U.S.  housing market, other key factors that should drive remodeling expenditures over  the next few years will be a rapidly aging housing stock, particularly due to a  lack of new construction starts throughout the housing crisis, as well as an  increasing interest in improving home efficiency and green remodeling.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is a Washington-based trade  association representing more than 140,000 members, and is affiliated with 800  state and local home builders associations around the country. NAHB’s builder  members will construct about 80 percent of the new housing units projected for  this year.

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Kitchen Trends: The Ever Evolving Kitchen

Over the past several years, I have seen an incredible transformation occur with many, if not most of my customers. The residential kitchen is no longer where mom goes to whip up a meal, but a true, bona fide home living space; a place where family and friend gather to share in good times, or the kids sit to surf the internet. And now companies, from cabinets to appliances manufacturers, are pushing the envelope to bring beauty and technology to the ever growing popularity of the ever-evolving kitchen.

Here are a three great trends happening this year:

The Island: Getting together in the kitchen is raising the demand for larger islands that can accommodate for dining and socializing, as well as cooking and prep work. Mom’s can now help kid’s with their homework while preparing dinner, and dad can check his emails or watch TV, integrating the kitchen and family life. These larger center pieces are eliminating the need for the traditional kitchen tables, while adding many functional benefits ranging from food prep to storage.

Hi-Tech Cabinetry: Besides style, cabinet manufacturers are adding practicality to sleek, modern cabinets. From push-to-open drawers, self closing hinges, and retractable cutting boards, manufacturers are bringing a little more than great looks. Also for 2012, watch for European inspired styles and dark espresso colors in upcoming kitchen cabinets, and a slow exit of the recently popular cherry color.

Decorative lighting to set the mood in the kitchen is another up-and-coming design trend. From LED lighting fixtures to color lighting accent to sconces, lighting is playing a major role in kitchen to draw attention to the décor. LED will be the dominating force in the kitchen, because of its high efficiency and long lasting properties, together with its ability not to heat, even after long periods of time.

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Over the past f…

Over the past few years, the home remodeling industry has been a bright spot in an otherwise dim economy. With the housing market struggling to get back on its feet, Americans seem to be appreciating their current homes a little bit more. From kitchen cabinets, to bathroom remodels, to entire home renovations, people are redesigning and sprucing up their living spaces in a somewhat affordable bid to ride out the housing crisis. But with all the drilling and hammering going on across the country, so goes the nightmare’s that sometimes come with home renovation projects. And with less disposable income floating around and consumers looking for rock bottom prices, it seems contractor disasters are lurking around every corner. If you have home renovations in mind, remember, knowledge is power.

Your most valuable resource is staring you in the face this very moment, and if you’re reading this, then you’re probably starting off on the right foot. The internet, besides word of mouth referrals, is an excellent source of education and research that should play a critical role in how you plan your home remodeling project. So if you’re looking to jazz up your pad and you’re a newbie to the world of home improvement, here are a few pointers to help you avoid those unnecessary headaches:

Step one, gain some insight on your project, and what has to be done and how. Sounding somewhat of an expert on the matter can help you greatly when speaking to home improvement contractors, and coming off like you know what you’re talking about could really help you avoid being taken for a ride to the cleaners.

Step two, search and research. If you do not have a word of mouth referral, and you’re starting from square one, it’s OK. In this digital age, looking for the right guy for the job just got a little easier. Several websites offer online reviews from previous customers that can really help you gauge Mr. Right’s reputation. Be aware, some maybe outright fabricated lies from the contractor, so try to look for guys who have several good reviews, with a sprinkle of mediocre. One great review usually means Mr. Right’s sister probably did him a favor.

Step three, is all about saving money. Becoming a little knowledgeable on your project (Step one) can also help you meet and even come under your budget. Online you can find cost effective alternatives to your current products, and even jump into a little do-it-yourself (DIY) to help lower your costs for labor. Take kitchen cabinets for example. While most custom jobs can run you in upwards of twenty to fifty thousand dollars or more, a little research might show you that you can save a boat load of money, and if you’re a little handy and have some time to spare, you might not even have to hire someone. Prefabricated, or ready to assemble kitchen cabinets (RTA), are a viable alternative that can be bought online at a fraction of the cost and shipped to your home in boxes. RTA kitchen cabinets are easy to assemble and with a little online help, installation could be a breeze.

Note: Please do take a really honest look at your level of handiness and do your in-depth research before starting any DIY. Lying to your self can quickly turn good intentions into bad situations.

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